Finding Wellness the Natural Way
 Finding Wellness the Natural Way

    Mary Spohn, PhD

My journey into Holistic Health began with my own physical, emotional and spiritual journey. It was, as they say, a long and winding road, beginning in England as a tri-lingual translator. It wound through Silicon Valley in California, where I learned software engineering, and on through the intrepid territory of Space and Missile Defense where I retrained as a Space Systems Engineer. Then in the early 2000s, I met a woman who could touch the human aura and became fascinated with energy. As a scientist, I learned how the sun's energy field - the heliosphere - and the earth's energy field - the magnetosphere - interact with each other. So it made perfect sense to me that the body's energy field also interacts with these same energies. Today, there is more and more scientific proof that the human energy field has a huge impact on health and that mind, body and spirit are all connected. Anomalies in any one area of your mind, body, spirit complex have consequences for the other areas. Illness, stress and emotional upheaval show up first in the body's energy field.


I am grateful for my scientific background because it assists me in understanding the science behind the many healing modalities (both new and ancient) based in physics, such as Reiki, homeopathy, sound, light, and even crystal therapy. I am certain we are on the cusp of a wave that will eventually move medicine completely out of it's current chemistry-based paradigm into an entirely physics-based system because it simply works better.


Eileen Day McKusick has pioneered energy healing through sound vibration using tuning forks. In her book Tuning the Human Biofield (referring to the body's energy field) she put it this way:


"I believe biofield science can be, and in a sense already is, the next great frontier of medical science."


I believe that too.

I further believe:


  • The body has the power to heal itself - and many of us are now proving that to ourselves.
  • If chemistry-based medicine (pharmaceuticals) really made us better, no-one would be sick - or at least not for long - because the medicine would make us better... right?
  • Many of us lack the confidence to take a chance on our own power to get well. So we allow the "authorities" to intimidate us with statistics, fear-mongering, and an absolute barrage of propaganda advertising.
  • We run to the doctor when we become sick out of habit, out of fear and through lack of knowledge that there are better ways to get well. We do this even while knowing they are just going to prescribe a pill which we are not going to want to take.
  • Modern society has taught us that if we experience a symptom we need to "take something" to get rid of it. This is the exact opposite of how good health works. In fact, symptoms are the outward sign that the body is healing and healing works best when symptoms are allowed to run their course. This is especially true with the common cold or flu.
  • Most of our allergies and chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression, arthritis, diabetes type II, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and many others, are completely curable with changes in diet, in our belief systems and through managing our stress levels but we must be ready to take action and abandon our fast food lifestyle.
  • Once they get you on the meds, they rarely get you off them again.

I hold a PhD in Holistic and Natural Health and Healing from the University of Natural Health where I graduated suma cum laude in 2016.  I am certified as a Holistic Nutrition Counselor by the University of Natural Health. I am a Spritual Counselor and a Holistic Health Practitioner, certified by the Holistic Arts Institute. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in European Studies, joint Major French and Spanish, from Bath University in the UK, and a Master of Science Degree in Space Operations Management from Webster University.


I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, certified in September 2014 with Jane Keeran in Colorado in Usui Reiki Ryoho, then in May of 2016 I trained in Utah under Lisa Starahna, an ICRT licensed teacher, where I was certified as a  Usui Reiki Ryoho Holy Fire II Reiki Master/Teacher, and most recently received my Master/Teacher certificate in Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®  as a student of William Rand and Colleen Benelli in Kurama, Japan, on Mt Kurama where Mikao Usui first received his gift of Reiki - a very special training indeed.


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