Finding Wellness the Natural Way
 Finding Wellness the Natural Way

Aura Photos

Everything in physical form is energy. The human body generates energy from the heart, the brain and other body organs. Every one of the trillion cells of DNA in the human body contain a tiny electrical charge that generates energy. The energy around the human body, which some call the aura or the merkaba, extends over 24 feet. Compare this to the sun's aura, the heliosphere, which extends to the outer edges of the solar system, and the earth's aura, the magnetosphere, which extends far out into space until it bends in the solar winds.


Our aura reflects our moods, emotions and our personalities. When something is causing us extreme pain or much happiness it shows up first in our aura. The chakra system reflects our moods, our energy level and our overall health. A weak or unbalanced chakra can be indicative of a bad day at work or the onset of a more perplexing health issue. When we balance the chakras and soothe the energy around the body we create space for healing to occur. We can do this by receiving Reiki, by meditating, or by using visualization techniques or a variety of other methods. In the office I like to use crystals, a pendulum, tuning forks and singing bowls in addition to a Reiki healing session. When our chakras are in balance we feel more peaceful, grounded and centered and the energy around our body flows more smoothly.

Why can't we see the aura? Some people are born with the gift of seeing auras, while others see them in their third eye but most of us cannot see them. The aura frequency lies just outside of the visible light spectrum, occurring in the higher, shorter end of the spectrum at and above the ultraviolet band.


Although many of us don't see energy, most of us are able to sense it. You know that feeling you get when you walk into a room and people have been arguing but no-one's talking at the moment you walk in? You know something has gone on, but you don't have any visual evidence; you just sense it. This is the energy in the room created by the people involved. If you could see auras in those moments you would probably see some smoky gray and red emanations playing around their heads.


Using special equipment we can capture the human aura. At Makooshla, I use the Aura Imaging System invented by Guy Coggins. This system uses a handplate to transmit radio waves into the body and then using a process similar to biofeedback, sends the returning energy patterns to a computer program which translates the energy into color in the visible light spectrum. The accupressure points in the hand connect to all the major systems in the body, as you will learn if you study accupressure or accupuncture. This is how the handplate can register the energy in the chakras.


Can you see energy blocks in the aura? You cannot see actual blocks in the energy using this system. Rather you see the unbalance in the chakras. This unbalance can be translated into the colors in the aura. In order to get a really good understanding of where someone is energeticallly, it is necessary to look not just at the colors in the aura but also the balance in the chakras. For this reason I offer two photographs for the price of one. The first is a picture of the aura colors around the head and the second is a picture of the entire auric field with chakra energy. To get this picture you simply put your hand on the handplate. The headshot includes a photo of the your face. I take the photo separately and it's superimposed onto the aura picture of the head.


When you take aura photos at different times of day, in different moods and under different emotional states, from very happy to enervated, you will see the colors change. Usually, though, a consistent color emerges which is the true color of your aura. Your aura color also changes when you are in large crowds and around groups of people reflecting different emotional states. When you have your aura photo taken at a crowded venue, like a metaphysical fair, it may not reflect the true colors of your aura. Having a photo done when you are alone, rested, and relaxed will offer a much more accurate idea of the true colors in your aura.

You can learn more about the Guy Coggins aura imaging system here

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