Finding Wellness the Natural Way
 Finding Wellness the Natural Way

What is Good Health?

Good Health is determined by several factors. Your physical existence depends on a combination of mind, body and spirit - as well as that intangible essence which we can call life force - or ki (also called chi or prana), the essence that brings life to what is otherwise a lifeless body. These are not separate pieces of you.


Think of a tree with branches, leaves and roots.


Without the roots, which nourish the tree, it dies. Without the branches there is nothing for the leaves to grow on. Without leaves, the tree is bare. The tree needs all of these things to be a healthy tree just as you need your mind, body, and your spirit to be a living human being. Then the tree needs fresh, natural nutrients in for the form of water, sunshine and nitrogen from the soil in order to flourish. If you water a tree with things that are poisonous to it, it cannot flourish.

You are more than the sum of your parts

Your life force depends on:

  • The quality of your food
  • The quality of your thoughts
  • Whether you exercise
  • Your stress level
  • Your joy and happiness

Low quality food and low vibration thoughts deplete vital life force energy.

High quality food and high vibration thoughts increase vital life force energy.


When your life force is low, you get run down and then you get sick. When your life force is high, your immune system is strong and it will fight off most diseases, colds, viruses, cancer causing agents and all other toxins.

Your body is a miraculous machine that is continuously working to keep you healthy. It you treat it with care and respect, rest it adequately and feed it high quality food, it will continue to rid itself of harmful toxins and you will good and you won't even notice how much work your body is doing behind the scenes to keep you well. But when we overload our body with too much at once; too many stresses, too many preservatives and food additives, too much work and not enough time to rest, our bodies can't accommodate quickly enough to release all the toxins flooding in from all directions. This is what causes fatigue, depression and stress. When you continually ignore these signs, deeper illness sets in. First it's a cold, then a series of colds, then arthritis, rheumatism, depression, and on and on until the illnesses become more serious... diabetes, Alzheimer's, cancer...


When your body exhibits symptoms, such as a runny nose, this is your body trying to clear itself. It is releasing toxins. Toxins build up all the time from the natural processes of the body as well as from external toxins that we take into the body in other ways. When we take medicine to put an end to our symptoms, whether it's prescription or an over-the-counter medication, that medicine prevents the body from releasing the toxins. We send the message to our body - "I don't want you to heal yourself right now." And so where does that waste matter go? It ends up back in your gody; in your blood, your liver, in your cartilage, your joints and your bones... and eventually it leads to more seious illness.


A Holistic Health Practitioner is a drugless practitioner. We do not prescribe medications or supplements. We encourage sleep and rest, healthy eating habits, and teach you how to handle stress, grief, depression and other mental/emotional symptoms so that your body has the space and the tools to heal itself.


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