Finding Wellness the Natural Way
 Finding Wellness the Natural Way

You Are What You Eat

Your body can only use as a resource whatever you put into it. If you fill it full of junk food it has very poor resources to rebuild, repair and maintain health. On the other hand, if you eat a fresh, healthy diet you will increase your energy level, increase your immune response, have greater resistance to illness and prolong your life.  Nutrition is so much more important to good health than many of us care to believe. But as a society we are poorly educated about diet and rely heavily instead on what we learn through advertising, magazine articles, mainstream news reports and the government food pyramid, all of which are designed to push products, make money and appease food lobbyists. Rarely does advertising serve the purpose of informing the public about a valid and tested approach to good health. Instead, we are left to wade through masses of data with very little guidance from people who really don't care whether we are sick or not. Even our doctors are poorly equipped to help when it comes to recommending the right diet for sustained good health. At Makooshla, we take a holistic and natural approach to food. Mother nature has been preparing wonderful, delicious foods for millions of years. Scientists first learned about vitamins just over one hundred years ago. Using the scant knowledge that was discovered they subsequently began to formulate vitamin and mineral supplements with very little understanding of what other nutrients foods contained and what precise nutrient environments those vitamins and minerals needed to unleash their superpowers. You can't just skip the veggies and pop a vitamin pill. It's not the same thing at all. Rather, the latest research reveals how very little we undestand about good nutrition. But nature knows. That's why our approach focuses on natural, fresh foods without additives, preservatives or fillers. We don't sell or promote any supplements, powders, potions or snake oil. Can you truly say whether it is better to do a paleo, vegan, vegetarian, or any other kind of diet? If you are paleo, vegetarian or vegan - all of which are valid approaches to good health - we teach you how to do them properly with a well-rounded holistic approach to food and nutrition. As an example, many vegans have no idea that whether they are eating balanced diets or not, many vegetarians eat way too much cheese and paleos put too much emphasis on meat.


Our non-judgmental, holistic and natural approach to nutrition can specifically help with a number of illnesses and conditions including:

  • weight loss and weight maintenance
  • management of diabetes type II and insulin reduction or elimination
  • inflammation and the pain of arthritis, rheumatism and unexplainable aches and pains
  • allergies can often be completely eliminated
  • lowering cholesterol and eliminating cholesterol medications
  • lowering blood pressure and reducing or eliminating blood pressure medications
  • Emotional issues such as depression, anxiety and sleeplessness

If you are suffering from a medical condition, you should continue to seek help from a qualified, licensed medical doctor. Our approach complements rather than conflicts with any medical treatment you are receiving. We want to partner with you and your doctor to help you be the best possible health.


Changing Your Diet is Difficult

Most of us intuitively understand that we need to change our diet to get healthy and stay that way. But changing our diet is one of the most difficult things most of us ever tackle. That's because food is our most basic survival mechanism, our earliest comfort and our right as humans. However, the modern American diet is infamous for its excess of processed, denatured foods, preservatives, additives and food coloring, none of which is good for the human body. We love to laugh at vegans but envy their slender bodies and their self discipline. We make jokes about our morning coffee even though we know we will pay for that caffeine hit later in the day. We joke about McDonalds but go there anyway. So why is it so hard to change our diet? Food is a basic survival requirement of the ego mind and the ego's job is to keep us alive. So when you mess with food and diet, the ego is quick to jump in and tell us, "Oh no, you're not messing with my food!"


Learning to overcome the influence of the ego and training it gently to let go of old comfort foods is one of the primary keys to getting on a healthy diet and improving your body's overall health.

Eating Well is a Fundamental Right of Being Human

Good food should not taste bad. Eating healthy should not involve eating foods you don't love on a schedule that doesn't work for your lifestyle. Despite what many people think it is not necessary to become a vegan or a vegetarian in order to be healthy and it is not necessary to live on a diet of tofu, rice cakes or rabbit food. It is possible to create delicious recipes that taste good, satisfy your cravings for comfort foods and don't make you unhealthy. Being alive should include being happy and that includes eating foods we love and foods that taste good to us.


But what many of us don't realize is that our tastes are "programmed" by modern culture and when we take a step back and have a good, hard look at what we are eating, we realize that we have been trained to crave foods that are too sweet, too fatty and laced with artificial flavors. If we are willing to make small changes slowly, we can completely retrain our taste buds and our ego minds to crave wonderful tasting, fresh, healthy food. It takes time and patience but the health benefits pay off in spades.

Our Approach Takes You into Account

We take a holistic approach to getting you on a healthy diet. That means considering all of you, your emotional attachment to food, your physical requirements for food and your lifestyle. We don't hand out diet sheets, count calories, or tell you to stop eating all your favorite foods and you don't have to weigh in. Instead we gently guide you on your own intuitive journey to finding healthier options for the foods you love. First, we sit down for a 90 minute consult and go over the types of foods you eat and the types of foods you crave. Do you like to bite down on crunchy foods? Is ice cream one of your comfort foods? Do you crave salty or sweet foods?


Once we have developed a profile of how you like to eat, we teach you to how to satisfy your cravings without denying yourself the foods you love. At some point you do have to make an effort to cut out the junk, but not all at once, and not all the time. You make your own choices and choose your own pace.


At the same time we teach you how to read ingredients to choose a better version of the same food. We help you understand how the brain forms eating rituals and habits and teach you how to change those into healthier patterns. Each time you come in for a visit we discuss what was easy for you, what was hard for you, and offer alternative approaches until we find what works best for you. We also give you recipe ideas and suggestions for incorporating your new eating habits into your daily routine.

Lasting Change Takes Time

Making changes to your diet is best done slowly. Diet changes are also lifestyle changes because you have to learn to cook differently, choose restaurant foods differently and eat differently when you are pressed for time. It takes creative effort and ongoing determination to succeed and that takes time. Although results are not necessarily slow to show up! Sometimes a small change, like giving up bread, incorporating more raw foods into the diet, or simply changing the way we combine certain foods, will kick off weight loss, lower cholesterol and reduce insulin requirements for diabetics. While we don't make any outrageous claims, sometimes these kinds of health changes don't take that long to show up. The results you see are the direct result of the changes you yourself make. You can choose to follow our suggestions or find your own alternative strategy once you undersetand the fundamental problem elements in your diet. You can ask to change the approach if what we suggest is not working for you. Some people are simply not ready to address diet but many don't realize that making small changes here and there is relatively painless and can reap big rewards, setting you on a new path to a healthier you.


Sometimes we just need a push in the right direction and then we can take off running by ourselves. That's why, on our program, you decide how often you visit, and for how long you continue to come. When you feel you have learned enough to take the reins of your own health, you can stop coming any time. However, we recommend intially purchasing a multi-session package because it gets you committed and invested in your new healthy lifestyle and gives us an opportunity to help you work through the first difficult changes with plenty of support and encouragement.


Over time your tastes change and it won't be painful. As your body responds to healthier ingredients you begin to crave different foods without trying. When your body is clean of artificial ingredients and you go back to try that diet coke again you suddenly realize how very bad it tastes and you will immediately recognize how much it irritates your stomach too. This is how you mark progress and you will just know your body has become healthier.

Overcoming resistance

Some of us don't believe we can ever get healthy, or that life won't be worth living if we have to give up hamburgers, chocolate or our favorite junk food. If you think this way, I encourage you to at least try our approach. Come in for a visit and see how it feels. We never tell you that you can't ever eat your favorite foods again. Rather, we teach you how to allow your own innate body's wisdom to take over and guide you. Have you ever stopped to ask your body what it needed nutritionally before you prepared dinner instead of feeding your emotional mind with junk foods disguised as comfort foods and convenience foods? You might be surprised at how easily you can make small and lasting changes that lead to bigger and better changes and that will lead to lasting good health, fewer doctor visits, less guilt and a new found confidence in your mind and your body.


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