Finding Wellness the Natural Way
 Finding Wellness the Natural Way


 90 Minute Holistic Health Consultation $90

  • Complete holistic evaluation including mind, body and spirit. This 90 minute evaluation helps to identify the root cause of what is ailing you. Once you understand the complete picture we can develop a strategy to set you on a healing path. Includes Reiki if desired (optional). Follow on sessions will cost less, and price will vary depending on strategy.

60 Minute Reiki Session $70, $150 (3-pack), $225 (5-pack)

  • Helps with stress relief, PTSD, trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression and more. Provides energy system support and immune system support with ongoing or painful illnesses, helps to reduce or eliminate pain, supports post-surgery recovery, assists spiritually with those on an awakening journey.
  • I typically perform chakra balancing as part of any Reiki session.
  • I may choose to work with tuning forks, pendulum, singing bowls or crystal therapy to assist in rebalancing your chakras. You may request just a chakra balancing in lieu of Reiki.

90 Minute Reiki and Intuitive Reading Session $90

  • Includes approximately 45 minutes Reiki and 45 minutes intuitive reading your choice of oracle, angel or tarot cards.

Intuitive Reading Session $35-$70

  • $35 for a 30 minute reading
  • $70 for a 60 minute reading

Reiki with before and after aura photos (90 mins) $90

  • This is a 90 minute session with 2 sets of aura photos (a head shot and a chakra shot) taken before Reiki and taken after Reiki. You will receive a Reiki session with Chakra Balancing. This will allow you to see the real difference that Reiki makes to the balance in your chakras and color changes in your aura indicating the changes introduced into your body's energetic system during Reiki.

Distance Reiki and remote services prices as above.

  • All the above services except aura photos can be done remotely using phone, Skype, FB messenger or your preferred internet communications protocol


Reiki Classes

  • All Reiki Classes are Usui Reiki Ryoho Holy Fire III as taught by the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) and use the ICRT professional manuals and class outlines
  • Reiki level 1 $170; Reiki Level 2 $170; when combined $310
  • Reiki ART/Master $650 or $600 when paid in full prior to class
  • Reiki Karuna® RT/Master $650 or $600 when paid in full prior to class


Aura Photos $15-$35

  • $35 Aura photo package includes:
    • 1 4x6 glossy head shot
    • 1 4x6 glossy chakra shot
    • 1 complete emailed report
    • Personal Interpretation
  • When combined with a 60 minute Reiki session $15 additional

Additional Information

Active military 10% discount with military ID

Senior citizens 65 years and older 20% discount

Special arrangements can be made for people with financial hardship.


If you are not sure if my services will work for you, ask for a free 30 minute initial consultation and I'll be happy to meet with you and discuss your needs and how I might help you. I am happy to meet for tea or coffee, or in my office, with people considering Reiki classes.


Most of my services can be given remotely, including Reiki. Remote Reiki is discussed in the Reiki FAQs. I work by telephone or your choice of face to face app such as Skype or Facebook messenger.  I prefer to give Reiki in person because it is a better experience for the client to have the human contact, but in certain cases, it makes sense to do a remote session. Prices for remote sessions are the same as prices for in-person sessions.


In special cases where people may be unable to come to the office due to mobility issues, I make house calls. I charge an additional $15 for house calls to cover travel time and fuel costs.


Request an Appointment

Makooshla Holistic Health

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Colorado Springs CO 80903


Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri 10:30 - 6:30pm

Sat by appointment

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Reiki Classes

Coming in 2019: Holy Fire III

Reiki Holy Fire III Level 1 & 2

Feb  16-17 2019

Mar  23-24 2019

Apr   27-28 2019

Jul    20-21 2019

Sep  21-22 2019

Nov   9-10 2019

Levels 1 and 2 are usually taken together but may be taken separately. Saturday is level 1 and Sunday is level 2, typically.

En Español: Pregúntame

Reiki Holy Fire III ART/Master

Feb 103 2019

Apr 19-21 2019

Jun 28-30 2019

Oct 25-27 2019

and by request

Karuna Reiki® Holy Fire III

Feb 13-15 2019

August 16-18 2019

and by request

I will offer any class by request.

See Class Descriptions

Reiki FAQs


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